Child care. If the baby refuses to eat bisque


Right, you want 1-st find out the taste preferences of your palate. Perhaps you add to the dish something that crumbs do not similar highly much.

Secondly, try to connect a baby to do a meal. The newborn with delight to wash raw vegetables for lunch or fill up in a pan rump. And if all this will put place under a support of a fantastic story on the subject, he will require to at least try what came of it.

Often children eat, how to speak, for the company. Sit down at the dinner table all a family. May you put the device and Bunny. He, too, loves fresh vegetables and wants to grow up healthy. And if you apply a knife to cut shaped raw vegetables, eating broth may be turned into an adventure!

The most important rule: in any case, do not feed the newborn by force. This did not bring him goodness, but will keep a lot of harm.

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