Baby care. Do I claim a flu vaccine for babies?


Answer to this question does not exist, every parent in a particular case, the resolution independently. We vaccinate against influenza is, as its adherents and opponents. One thing is a flu virus constantly mutates, as a "universal" immune to mozhet. Eto not developed - one of the arguments of supporters of influenza vaccination, which state that Difficult

Ata on the construction and implementation of vaccines much cheaper than the likely losses (including irrecoverable) of a disease. As well, remind them size the consequences of influenza so a potential serious complications and worsening of chronic diseases on the background. Which is quite, according to them, may be avoided by resorting to vaccination. At the same time, opponents of vaccination also talk some the potential complications, but it is not the flu, but with a vaccination.

Whatever it was, a doctors of children referred to a so-called risk that vaccination could comfortably benefit. Warning: though small, but the probability that a baby is ill and later grafting, really exists. However, even in this case, a disease is much easier, and a healing process is faster.

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