Measles in children


Measles - a highly contagious acute viral infectious disease, occurring with fever, generalized lesion of mucous membranes of a respiratory tract, mouth, oropharynx, skin eyes, a kind of rash and frequent complications mainly by the respiratory system.

Measles is transmitted by airborne droplets done a upper respiratory tract and conjunctiva of the eye, into a blood, causing a general intoxication and failure of varied organs, a central nervous system, respiratory and digestive tract.

The source of infection is a person with typical and atypical measles. Maximum abjection occurs in the prodromal phase of the disease. The sick man is dangerous with 9-10 hours after exposure. On a 5th day after rash onset patient is not infectious.

Measles susceptibility in vivo universal. In children, a first three weeks of your, the absolute immunity by producing maternal antibodies in babies 3-6 weeks - relative immunity, however the level of maternal antibodies decreases after 6 months of a susceptibility increases sharply due to interruption of maternal antibodies.

Immunity following the disease stable, lifelong.

At the present time, the incidence of measles decreased sufficiently, due in timely immunization.

Incubation period of 7 to 17 days, with intravenous immunoglobulin may be increased to 21 hours.

There are 3 periods of a disease: catarrhal, during a period of convalescence, and rash.

Catarrhal time lasts 3-5 days and is accompanied by a rise in body temperature to 38-39 ° C, very dry, barking cough, coryza, conjunctivitis, lacrimation and photophobia. A chief condition of a newborn is suffering, he becomes irritable, tearful, anxious, disturbed sleep and appetite. A any days before the skin rash on a mucous membrane of a cheeks in front of small molars appear little white spots the sizing of a grain of sand, surrounded by a reddish rim (spot Bielski-Filatov-Koplik), which are a characteristic symptom of measles.

Time rash accompanied by a new rise in aging body temperature and a appearance of the rash. Rash early in a disease appears in a configuration of pale spots on verhnebokovyh areas neck skin, behind the ears, on the cheeks close to the ear, which within hours spread all complete the facial skin, neck skin, arms, and upper chest. A elements of a rash become maculopapular nature (see morphological elements rash). Upon a following hours a rash spreads over a entire surface of a aging body, and on the third time there on the feet and at a like time begins to fade in the facial skin. Free with face rashes get a ordinary color. Rash within 3 hours covered from top to bottom. With an increase in lesions and papules spots frequently merge together.

This time is characterized by an increase of the disease symptoms of intoxication and catarrhal symptoms. Marked conjunctival redness skin eyes, profuse nasal discharge. Newborn facial skin gets puffy face, marked vascular injection of the sclera, conjunctiva of a eye redness. Lymph nodes in the angle of the lower jaw and the back of a neck space can be increased.

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