Newborn attention. When a child to give fever


If a child (and an adult in the like way), the aging body temperature rises (beyond 37) - it is a signal that something is improperly, it want not be. Is approximately inflammation. For us, a temperature increase means: pay attention, presently the child is not all rightly. And for a body, this means he began to struggle with a problem, whatever it may be.

Most frequently, a newborn's aging body temperature rises at ARI and ARI. This is a classic situation. And a fever it is protective. It stops the reproduction of viruses and bacteria, and 'tween 38 and 40, and they did die. In main, a lot of say there is no point. Everything is clear: if a newborn is ill with a temperature of - you could say he is recovering, because the aging body kills a pathogen. A immune system starts to destroy a virus alone at elevated temperatures.

However, dear loving mum and father, what do we do? We maintenance primarily approximately themselves. Following all, if a newborn bring the temperature down - we will automatically get easier and calmer. Our conscience is clear.

After reading this article it must replace in a opposite direction. But this does not mean that you can sit on your hands when the child fever. Need to monitor it and help kiddies survive this condition. In short: to provide adequate drinking mode (a lot of warm, but not sour drink), microclimate conditions (air cool and very dry), not to wrap up a newborn, not to overheat it, and if required, make compresses of water at apartment temperature to speed up the process of heating.

But since It is possible to keep themselves up to a certain point. It may rightly come a situation where the temperature to shoot down. And there is no overall shape for all on the scale of a thermometer. For a majority of infections to a soundness and life of a child does not threaten the temperature to 40 degrees. However, a focus should be on a condition of the child, not a performance thermometer. If a child is at risk (has chronic heart disease, certain metabolic diseases, neurological diseases, febrile seizures in history), will possess to act sooner.

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