Baby maintenance. Homemade or store bought?


Many mums do not even Think about much around what to give a child puree: industrial or homemade. You solve for himself, either ease or naturalness and freshness. But there are those mothers that are still hesitating. And rightly as.

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The unequivocal answer to a problem of what mashed better not. There are a lot of opinions and arguments, and every of them, in general, is convincing. For example, feed Babe ready puree cans is much convenient: it not only saves time, but as well the items, because it is unlikely you will make a meager portion of a baby to eat and nothing was left. On the other hand, when you cook mashed yourself, you can take only those raw vegetables and fruits that are similar or transfers (in the case of allergenicity) the child. And I certainly know that there laid and how. And at the price of home goes a lot cheaper, even cooking and a big capacity, rather than request.

Although pediatricians assured that contemporary baby fresh food passes stringent quality control, all a raw substances - alone environmentally polish and carefully selected, processed in a careful method and crushed. Also added to a jars required for a child's aging body a vitamin in them easily digestible shape. But we baby of got used to trust the factory. And countless sorts of fraud and the "left" of products, including those in this market segment, we are often tempted just to a side of home production.

In addition, more information is found that, despite a marked formula certainly contains notorious GMOs.

On a other mitt, if you do not live far with civilization, where clean out conditions are growing the like environmental products, mashed for a baby, it is unlikely It is possible to be sure that you are using however a raw material for preparation. But skeptics immediately say that there is no guarantee that a plant does not buy the same processed or grown raw vegetables on a road somewhere in a untested farmers.

In general, you can install a own scales, every bowl which weigh all a "pros" and "cons" of both options and do a solution. Can you afford it rightly Referee: just strive and give the newborn a home, and purchased. Maybe he will possess an opinion on this?

I would like to add that the choice of bottles of baby fresh food is ever very attentively study the label and exclude the presence in a product preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilizers, sweeteners and flavor improvers and other filth. And when you open the jar ensure that you possess a characteristic for strongly blockage cotton. If that is not - it is not suitable for mashed lactation. And ever keep an open jar of baby food in a fridge for more than every day.

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