Attention of a baby. Corn porridge


Regarding milk bisque, cereal or pasta is boiled to separate (5 min), and then append to the boiling milk. 1/2 diluted with water (with 2-year-olds may not be diluted.) Milk bisque make a small longer on lower heat. To not burnt - choose cookware with a thick bottom and constantly stir the dish. Same a broth, it should not be too thick: Some is tightly to swallow.

Much important is a grade of the items used for cooking broth baby. Good, if it will be home raw vegetables and fresh meat. In any case, they should only be sweet and of helf capacity, attentively washed (preferably pre-soak them in brine).

Keep in mind that raw vegetables should be laying in the boiling h2o, but the rump for bisque - a cold.

Pay attention to the cuts, from this may also depend on the tasting of food. If many components - shred them finely enough - bigger. Lay them in the bisque need be given a time of doing each, for example, the potatoes - onion - carrot - fresh cabbage. Try not digest raw vegetables.

Pickle soup recommended at the end, for a any min until cooked its components. And just add a herbs in a bowl.

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