Mums. What may not be given to babies antipyretics


Well, there need be so clear. Those drugs that are not Paracetamol and Ibuprofen, kids may not be given. Tight recommended for lowering body temperature in infants following items: antipyrine, Amidopyrine, Fenatsetrin, Analgin, aspirin and medicine containing them. These drugs enjoy a lot of side effects of ulceration of the mucous membrane of a stomach, gastrointestinal bleeding, renal failure, and a lot of others.

But that argument sounded more convincing - here's some of the arguments:

Acetylsalicylic acid in infants with influenza, SARS and chicken pox may cause Reye's syndrome - severe encephalopathy with liver failure and mortality complete 50%.

Analgin can cause severe damage to the hematopoietic system, however properly so persistent drop in body temperature below 35 degrees. Side effects may be unpredictable dipyrone, ofttimes incompatible with life.

Nimesulide (Nise, NIMULID) was wrongly allowed how an antipyretic, but is now banned in most countries of a world, because it can cause severe liver damage.

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Newborn care. Do I demand a flu vaccine for kids?


Answer to this matter does not exist, any parent in a particular case, a decision independently. We vaccinate against influenza is, how its adherents and opponents. One thing is the flu virus constantly mutates, however a "universal" immune to mozhet. Eto not developed - one of the arguments of supporters of influenza vaccination, which state that Difficult

Ata on a evolution and implementation of vaccines much cheaper than the likely losses (including irrecoverable) of the disease. As well, remind them around a consequences of influenza as a potential serious complications and worsening of chronic diseases on the background. Which is quite, according to them, can be avoided by resorting to vaccination.

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Moms. However to choose a playpen


In past years, among a parents was very well-known use of arenas. So there was a time of oblivion and a apply of arenas virtually abandoned. Time is variant, and in recent years playpens are again great item for the maintenance of babies. Playpens give moms and dads the opportunity for a short time to do household chores, take a shower or change clothes. Riding allows the newborn to be on a safe territory.

Many current arenas are transformed and converted into a portable crib. Such a item with a dual-purpose convenient to use on a go and traveling.

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Baby leaving. If the child refuses to eat broth


Properly, you want first find out a tasting preferences of the palate. Perhaps you append to a dish anything that crumbs do not similar very much.

Secondly, try to connect a child to make a meal. Any newborn with delight to wash vegetables for lunch or fill up in a pan rump. And if all this will take put under a support of a fantastic story on a subject, he will should to at least try what came of it.

Ofttimes children eat, however to speak, for a company. Sit down at the dinner desk all the family. Can you put the item and Bunny.

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Puree for babies


There is a mandatory questions, which should be informed is every mum. These incorporate a puree for child. Because if not all moms breastfeed, or just do not all get to deal with infant formula, the foods should eventually introduce any newborn. And to do it better, you possess much to consider.

Now we'll talk about the first in a newborn's your adult dish - a sauce.

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Child leaving. What antipyretic pick out?


Doctors ofttimes recommend the use of candles. They are fast acting and irreplaceable when the child refuses to drink the medicine. The older children prefer syrup. Around a effectiveness of a drug: around equally good ibuprofen and paracetamol (synonyms - dofalgan, Panadol, kalpol, meksalen, dolomol, efferalgan, Tylenol). And the 1st has also analgesic effect (but is contraindicated in a 1-st 0.5 of life). A paracetamol - a cure for a unique security.

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Child leaving. What good puree for children


Since a puree for babies are made with fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, they deliver to the baby's body, all substances contained in them:

Vitamins (especially folic and ascorbic acid, beta-carotene);

Mineral salts (potassium, iron);

Carbohydrates (glucose, starch);

Dietary fiber (cellulose, pectin).

In view of this, fresh fruit and veg purees kiddies particularly useful in anemia, rickets, constipation, a big mass, but as well for a prevention of these diseases. You are particularly beneficial capacity on a gastrointestinal tract of the child.

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