Leaving of a child. What can not be given to babies antipyretics


Correctly, there want be however clear. Those medicine that are not Paracetamol and Ibuprofen, kids can not be given. Firmly recommended for lowering body temperature in infants following items: antipyrine, Amidopyrine, Fenatsetrin, Analgin, aspirin and medicine containing them. These drugs have many position effects of ulceration of the mucous membrane of the stomach, gastrointestinal bleeding, renal failure, and many others.

But that argument sounded more convincing - here's some of the arguments:

Acetylsalicylic acid in children with influenza, SARS and chicken pox may cause Reye's syndrome - severe encephalopathy with liver failure and mortality complete 50%.

Analgin may cause severe damage to the hematopoietic system, however well however persistent drop in body temperature below 35 degrees. Position effects can be unpredictable dipyrone, frequently incompatible with life.

Nimesulide (Nise, NIMULID) was wrongly permitted so an antipyretic, but is currently banned in most countries of the world, because it can cause severe liver damage.

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Do I demand to bring down the temperature of a child?


In an effort to help a baby and trying to ease his suffering, moms and dads frequently do a lot of mistakes. One of them - the overwhelming desire to bring down the temperature each time it appears. But in doing as, we are instead to be harmful baby's aging body. Following all, with a temperature it is struggling with a variety of viruses and bacteria.

Temperature increase in disease indicates that the immune system is involved in a work and fight microbes invaders. If a newborn has no fever, so you need pay note to its immunity: this is not great.

However, you should understand the following: pathogenic viruses and bacteria can be killed only at high temperature. And for that, it must go up so much so up to 38.5 oC.

How, there is any point of view: a temperature is extremely dangerous and can kill viruses, how mentioned, you say, even at a temperature of 40 ° C and above, you are still quite viable.

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Antipyretics for infants


Infants - it is a group of the population that probably treat most. After all, if a adult feels unwell, he still goes to work, pick up service of business, and only in extreme cases can anything but a drink to calm a soul. So, with the kids of such "negligence" We usually may not allow that. And they get sick highly frequently: viruses and colds strike in first put for a babies, gardens contribute to increased rates of such cases, but as well much of childhood diseases is that any baby has or has a highly great chance to survive. What they say! With birth, we get to give a newborn medicine: a tummy ache, then teeth climb, if not nothing - but we have to know how? It is better to be safe. If snot frequently go away and coughing already most conscientious parents tend to take a newborn to a pediatrician, a temperature does not direct, and that there is drive: knock it! And this is one of the general reasons why our kids are sick longer and heavily situation.

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Care of a newborn. What antipyretic select?


Doctors ofttimes recommend the use of candles. They are fast acting and irreplaceable when the baby refuses to drink a medicine. The older kids prefer syrup. About the size of a effectiveness of the drug: size equally helf ibuprofen and paracetamol (synonyms - dofalgan, Panadol, kalpol, meksalen, dolomol, efferalgan, Tylenol). And a 1-st has also analgesic effect (but is contraindicated in a 1st half of life). A paracetamol - a cure for the unique security.

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Moms. How to select a playpen?


Purchasing arena, be careful, opt a model known enterprises with a certificate and a license to manufacture items for children.

Buying arena, do sure that:

When folding playpen uprights automatically snap into place the locks;

Side of the space grid arena is less than 6 mm;

If riding a wooden, the distance betwixt the vertical bars are less than 6 centimeter (the like standard however for the vertical slats cot).

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Child attention. However to make mashed child


Ricer choose alone recent, preferably homemade, and no processed raw vegetables. Wash out well washing and rinse again - better than boiling water. Cover with hot water and make until tender. It is recommended to make steamed raw vegetables or a little amount of fluid. Of the a aqua drain, mash with a fork done a lot, dilute a remaining vegetable broth, natural milk, add to a cow butter and softly prisolit brine (though most current advises pediatricians to do entirely without sol). At the present time, again, bring lots to the boil and treats her prince or princess.

Regarding berries puree, fruit here following thorough ablution basically just grinded blender.

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Upkeep of a baby. When to call an ambulance


And at the present time that, when relying on its own strength is dangerous, and in no time the pediatrician visit (not you, of course, how good how the baby's hygiene).

You get to call an ambulance to your home if:

Temperature rises above 38.5 in a child younger than six months (particularly dangerous situation for kids under TWO months of age).

A child has signs of dehydration, "sunken" eyes, decreased urination, sunken fontanelle in children under one year, a lack of tears when crying, dry mucous membranes in a mouth, very dry tongue, severe sleepiness (more than normal), expressed excitement (more than usual), a unpleasant mouth odor specific.

A child refuses to drink, newborn diarrhea, child drinks, but once there is vomiting.

A baby having seizures.

On a aging body of the newborn develop a rash or bleeding.

Observed changes in a state of consciousness: a kid apathetic, sleepy, does not respond to attempts to wake him up.

Breath is too slow, too fast or labored.

Admission antipyretic has no capacity: the temperature does not decrease or continues to rise.

The child has a severe headache, uncontrollable analgesics or antipyretics, and do not stop vomiting.

A child has already been examined by a medic, but his condition worsened, or enjoy new symptoms.

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