Newborn attention. Candles Children of a temperature


Following on a safety and efficacy of anti-fever medication for kids is ibuprofen (Nurofen, Ibufen), but it is more risky in terms of adverse events than paracetamol. So, if a apply of the latter is impossible or ineffective, so prescribe Ibuprofen. It is given to children from 12 months at a dose of 5 to 20 mg / kilogram / day.

Love To the note that the absorption of liquidity forms of drugs are complete and faster than a solid, how they are more preferable for small infants. As well extremely effectual are rectal suppositories - they get a more lasting capacity, which starts in size 3 hours, which makes it particularly suitable form for administration at bedtime.

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Child care. If the baby refuses to eat bisque


Right, you want 1-st find out the taste preferences of your palate. Perhaps you add to the dish something that crumbs do not similar highly much.

Secondly, try to connect a baby to do a meal. The newborn with delight to wash raw vegetables for lunch or fill up in a pan rump. And if all this will put place under a support of a fantastic story on the subject, he will require to at least try what came of it.

Often children eat, how to speak, for the company. Sit down at the dinner table all a family. May you put the device and Bunny.

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Do I wish to bring down the temperature of a child?


In an effort to help your baby and trying to ease his suffering, moms and dads frequently create lots of mistakes. One of them - a overwhelming desire to bring down the temperature every time it appears. But in doing however, we are instead to be harmful child's body. Later all, with a temperature it is struggling with a variety of viruses and bacteria.

Temperature increase in disease indicates that a immune system is involved in the work and fight microbes invaders. If a baby has no fever, so you should pay attention to its immunity: this is not goodness.

So, you need understand a following: pathogenic viruses and bacteria can be killed alone at high temperature. And for that, it should go up however much how up to 38.5 oC.

So, there is some point of view: the temperature is much dangerous and may kill viruses, how mentioned, you say, even at a temperature of 40 ° C and above, they are still quite viable.

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How to bring down the temperature of the baby


Increased body temperature accompanied by lots of babies's diseases. In fact, it is a signal that the body has begun some inflammatory process, and this should be noted. Temperature may rise due to a big number of different causes, including a rather "harmless": fatigue, weather changes, emotional stress. Moms and dads may not even realize that a child has a fever. But however soon however we see a newborn of fire in the background, for example, a common coldness, so immediately beginning looking for a means to reduce the temperature.

Meanwhile, the rise in temperature at ARI and ARI - more benefit than harm. And frequently the temperature of the baby is indispensable and potential to shoot down.

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Maintenance of a newborn. Terms of antipyretic therapy in kids


So, even with these relatively safe drugs for kids, service must be taken to arm some knowledge. Antipyretic therapy want be subject to certain rules. A much 1-st of them - not to give medicine without evidence. We have yet talked around. Not least - always study a instructions and do not exceed the dosage. And a rest of you want to know is this:

Paracetamol must be used alone however an antipyretic, and not however an anesthetic.

Its use is justified alone when a temperature of 38-39 C and above.

Children under a age of 3 weeks is not recommended Paracetamol without consulting your doctor.

Conventional single dose of paracetamol is 10-15 mg / kilogram orally - smaller doses do not give antipyretic effect.

To rapidly cut the temperature, apply of paracetamol in decision and not in a candles and tablets.

Booster dose administered antipyretic need alone at a new temperature rises to values?? that require its use.

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Newborn care. What helf puree for children


Since the puree for infants are done from fruits and raw vegetables, they deliver to the child's body, all substances contained in them:

Vitamin (particularly folic and ascorbic acid, beta-carotene);

Mineral salts (potassium, iron);

Carbohydrates (glucose, starch);

Dietary fiber (cellulose, pectin).

In view of this, watermelon and veg purees kiddies specifically effective in anemia, rickets, constipation, a big weight, but as well for a prevention of these diseases. You are particularly beneficial capacity on a gastrointestinal tract of the child.

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