Antipyretics for infants


Kids - it is a group of the population that probably treat most. After all, if a adult feels unwell, he still goes to work, pick up attention of business, and alone in extreme cases may anything but a drink to calm the soul. As, with a kids of such "negligence" We usually can not allow that. And they have sick very ofttimes: viruses and colds strike in 1-st put for the babies, gardens contribute to increased rates of such cases, but also lots of childhood diseases is that every child has or has a very good chance to survive. What they say! With birthday, we start to give the child medicine: a tummy ache, so teeth climb, if not nothing - but we enjoy to know so? It is good to be safe. If snot often go away and coughing along most conscientious moms and dads tend to take the newborn to a pediatrician, a temperature does not direct, and that there is drive: knock it! And this is one of the chief reasons why our infants are sick longer and hard situation.

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Child. When administered in a regime of child puree


Except juices, which grudnichka introduced primarily so a complementary food, the meal is first baby will be just mashed.

Initially Babe want acquaint with fresh fruit puree, and start with a same fruits, how in the case of breeding juice: this is normally an red apple. Mashed foods introduced in 2-3 weeks following the juice, or some the fifth 30 days of life. Input a new fruit in the same manner how a juices. Usually chosen for this plum, apricot, peach, raspberry, black currant. Note that most fruits possess a laxative capacity, and blueberries on the contrary - crepes. Pear and medium banana capacity on a baby's body is more individual and may cause diarrhea however well so constipation.

If all goes well, soon in the regime should be introduced crumbs and mashed fresh vegetables.

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Newborn. Immunodeficiency states in children


Prettily moms and dads is good to know that a foundation of a character is laid in the 1-st 3 years of life. At this time, it is momentous to pay special attention to education. Want strive to inculcate the baby reasonable attitudes and practices, respect for elders, educate friendliness, honesty, compassion, teach, teach discipline.

Children tend to imitate adults, how it is much important to a personal example.

In the life of every baby come certain times that adults dubbed "crisis." At this time, on a one hand, your baby has a important breakthrough in the development, but on a other - a special, ofttimes negative, attitude towards others, and to what is happening around. Parents complain that a child became uncontrollable, angry, moody, inadequate. This is mainly due to the newborn moved to a new stage of development and mental health, he learned anything, something requires to be. Presently the baby feels different - more mature - requires a new attitude, and with it behave a same.

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Care of a child. How to make mashed child


Ricer select only recent, preferably homemade, and no processed raw vegetables. Thoroughly wash well Thoroughly wash and rinse again - correct than boiling water. Cover with hot aqua and cook until tender. It is recommended to make steamed fresh vegetables or a small amount of fluent. Later the water drain, bruise done lots, dilute a remaining vegetable bisque, natural milk, throw in a the butter and light prisolit brine (though most contemporary advises pediatricians to do entirely without saline). Now, again, bring much to a boil and treats her prince or princess.

Regarding melon puree, fresh fruit here of the thorough wash basically just grinded blender.

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Moms. Egg for infants


Eggs are definitely one of a most helpful diet food. Presence in them necessary for the aging body of vitamins, amino acids, healthy fats and proteins, minerals, doing eggs essential in the female schedule for. But yet with this, eggs are as well considered to be one of a strongest allergens, but because in lots of a apply is not recommended. And more however, it is prudent and responsible to approach the question of introduction of eggs in the dietary of infants. Talk some however to give egg to kids or not, need not occur: the item need be present in a kid's day menu. That's just to teach a child to the eggs to gradually and some by small, as however not to cause the adverse effects.

Initially, a ration want be administered yolk crumbs, because it can cause allergic protein.

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Baby. Bisque for a small ones


Less "aggressive" milk soups and cream soups. They do not cause such a separation of juice, how vegetable and fresh meat broths, or more gently in a mucous of a stomach and intestines. That is why these soups are considered purely childish (prepared for a little eaters) and traditionally included dietary.

Cream soups perfectly envelop the stomach and much more easily absorbed by little organisms. It is with these soups - milk and puree - begins dating the newborn with the entree. So soon so a newborn was a year old - it's time to cook soup.

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